Vinay Nair

After 8 years of working with various MNCs in India and abroad, Vinay shifted his focus to Mathematics in 2009. He is experienced in K-12 education and conducts extensive training and education programs across the country. Primarily, he focuses on building reasoning skills, creativity and inquiry through Mathematical thinking. As the co-founder of Raising a Mathematician Foundation (a not-for-profit organisation) that focuses on bringing up Mathematical talents, Vinay encourages his students to use reasoning and creative thinking to solve problems. He has attended various courses in IIT Bombay, IIT Madras and was also invited to attend a 6-week summer program at Princeton University, USA in 2017.In the course of his career, he has been associated with Chinmaya International Foundation (the research-wing of Chinmaya Mission), School of ThinQ (an organisation that works on curriculum and syllabus development, curating resources to facilitate critical thinking and inquiry-oriented education through trans-disciplinary approaches), and the School of Vedic Maths (an organisation that aims at encouraging the study of Vedic Mathematics and ancient Indian Mathematics).

Vinay is the author of two insightful books - Journey to the Himalayas (a pictorial travelogue capturing an 18-day journey into the Himalayas) and The Teacher Who Taught Us to Think (on pedagogical approaches in Mathematics education). He is also the creator of the Vedic Mathematics Online Course offered by the Chinmaya International Foundation. He has also successfully presented countless white papers at various national, international and online conferences. Many of his works have even featured in Mathematical journals like At Right Angles and other magazines. When work is not keeping him busy, Vinay loves to travel and pen down interesting blog articles.

Yogesh Waikul

A Mechanical Engineer with Master’s Degree in Financial Management, Yogesh is undoubtedly a numbers guy by qualification. By profession however, he is a passionate teacher who loves focusing on building conceptual clarity in Mathematics and analytical thinking in students of all age groups. His areas of expertise are problem-solving, Vedic Mathematics and ancient Indian mathematics.

Before pursuing his passion for teaching mathematics, Yogesh spent 18 years working with corporate giants like Mahindra and Capgemini. Now, he works closely with students who wish to develop problem solving skills and trains them in non-routine mathematical problems. He has effectively developed the curriculum for reputed organisations like Tata Interactive Services (TIS). He is a part of Campus Credentials, a comprehensive training program for college students and Raising a Mathematician Foundation. He is also associated with the School of Vedic Maths, an organisation that aims at encouraging the study of Vedic Mathematics and ancient Indian Mathematics.

When he is not traveling and conducting sessions in different parts of India, he travels for the love of it. Yogesh is an adventure junkie and can be seen scaling mountains ever so often.

R Hariharan

R Hariharan has showcased his brilliance and prowess with numbers right from a young age. Other than being a CA, CMA, in which he topped the February 2017 batch globally, and an M.Com (NET-JRF) by qualification, Hariharan was an All India rank holder in CAPE-I (May 2004) and CAPE-II (November 2005). And his constant thirst for knowledge continues as he is currently pursuing his PhD in Accounting from Michigan State University. Today, he is the Head of Academic Affairs at the Raising a Mathematician Foundation, and also the recipient of the prestigious ICAI Chandramouli Award for the Best Paper in Mathematics in CA Foundation.

Hariharan’s extensive experience in the education sector has led him to teach preparatory courses at the school and Master’s level, and these efforts in the field of education were recognised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) in 2015. He has been a mentor to more than 5,000 students, several of whom have made him proud by securing All India ranks in Chartered Accountancy. Furthermore, he has developed special courses on Application of Mathematics in Finance and Economics for high school students.

When it comes to training and education, Hariharan centres his efforts on improving critical thinking and higher order thinking skills through Mathematics education to equip students for the future.